Scientific Conference Management Systems

The Scientific Conference Management System assists Institutions & Universities to organize & manage their conferences effectively. Their services include:

  • Preparation of Scientific Schedules, Agendas & Propaganda

  • Undertaking Scientific Content Management

  • Carrying Out Scientific Community Management

  • Engaging in Article Management & Scientific Editorship

  • Facilitating of swift, smooth and seamless publication of the most pioneering of research papers and abstracts submitted;

  • Arranging for a roster of globally renowned domain experts and world-class speakers for a given event.

  • Facilitating accelerated citation and global access of conference content on behalf of a partnering Institutions & Universities for their events.

Organizational Management

Conference Organizational Management deals with organizing international conferences by bringing together like-minded individuals & professionals from a specific domain. The meticulous planning and sequential execution of academic conferences speaks volumes about the conference organizer. The responsibilities of Conference Organizational Management include the following:

  • Committee Establishment Management

  • Committee Engagement Supervision

  • Managing Intra & Inter Organizational Propagation

  • Engagement of Global Organization

  • International Member Profiles Involvement

  • Appreciations & Awards

Financial Support & Funding

The following are the list of modes in which SciencePG Conferences assists through Financial Support and Funding Dispensation services.

  • Conference Management Responsibility

  • Confirming the Fulfillment of All Deliverables

  • Ensuring the Fair Dispensation of All Grants

  • Facilitate the Assembling of World-class Speakers & Chairs

  • Execute the Dispensation of Funding for the Most Promising and Innovative of Research Proposals

  • Ensuring a Complete Fair and Transparent Dispensation of Grants for Institutional Chapters

Infrastructure & Inconvenience

Arrangement of excellent conference infrastructure is one of the utmost priorities of SciencePG Conferences. Catering to the comfort and ease of conference participants ensures a smooth execution of conference plan making them feel at home.

  • Engaging in Conference Production

  • Ensuring Convenience Via Seamless Article Management & Processing

  • Organizing a Committee Management System

  • Setting Up a Registration Management System

  • Overseeing Conference Logistics Management

  • Undertaking Conference Literature and Graphic Design Management

  • Editorial Board for Swift Review and Convenient Publication

Technical & Digital Services

In the digital age, acing digital marketing and online advertising efforts is the only way for an institution/college that’s looking to organize a high-profile international conference, to be able to draw attention to its event and secure a high participant turnout. The best alternative would be to avail of SciencePG Conferences’ Technical and Digital Services.

  • Domain & Web Hosting Domain Purchase/Renewal & Website to be Host in Our Server

  • Email IDs For Business/Email ID Purchase/Renewal

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns & Social Media Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Speaker Management

  • Conference Website Design & Content Management

Global Promotion & Networking

Marketing & Networking are the two key areas of the conference promotion. SciencePG Conferences provides global promotion services of your conference together with networking opportunities for like-minded professionals.

  • Event Banner on Selected SciencePG Journals

  • Announcement on SciencePG Conferences Website (This will consist of a conference banner, link and short description within its events page)

Speaker Management

No matter how unique or advanced a conference’s schedule, topics of discussion, and available infrastructure and facilities may be, it’s the caliber of its speakers that truly make a conference an event to remember for the ages.

  • SciencePG Conferences will arrange for highly reputable National-level Speakers from distinguished Institutions to speak at the conferences it is engaged in organizing. These speakers are carefully selected based on their research contributions in a given field, and the value of these contributions.

  • SciencePG Conferences will also arrange for renowned international-level speakers from within America as well as the rest of the globe, to serve as speakers at the proposed international conferences of partnering institutions/colleges.

Article/Abstract and Registration Management

Assembling, sorting, registering and vetting articles and abstracts that are submitted by participants of conferences often needs to be done in incredibly short spans of time. Often lacking the know-how, sufficient personnel, and necessary resources, most educational institutions forego offering submission and paper presentation opportunities altogether. With SciencePG Conferences’ full-scale Article/Abstract and Registration Management support, institutions don’t have to shoulder these burdens anymore.

  • Standard Article/Abstract Format with Manuscript ID

  • SciencePG Conferences will also designate a specialized team to evaluate the quality, authenticity, and innovativeness of every submitted Article/Abstract and then accept them solely based on their individual merits.

  • SciencePG Conferences will carry out the full-scale conversion of submissions to registrations.

  • Performing Comprehensive Plagiarism Checks

  • Review Process

  • Acceptance and Publication for Articles and Abstracts

Live Stream Service for Virtual Conference

    The planning and implementation of world-class virtual conferences require a knack for being able to provide target audiences with immerse online experiences, unique knowledge, hassle-free login facilities, and robust support. SciencePG Conferences helps institutions/colleges to organize memorable and pioneering virtual conferences without having to lift a finger or invest heavily in the necessary technical infrastructure required to seamlessly host and promote a high-caliber virtual conference.

  • Before the conference, we will collect the slides of the presenters in case they encounter any problems with their screen-sharing during their presentation.

  • We will set up the conference on Zoom and invite the speakers as panelists.

  • On the day of the conference, a conference team member will be present on the live stream during the whole conference, checking that all speakers are present and contacting them if they are not, as well as in the case of any technical issues.

  • A practice room, where speakers can drop in to test Zoom’s functionalities and receive instructions, will be set up for a short period before the conference.